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Henan Seed Steel Metal Materials Co.Ltd (Seed Steel) is located in zhengzhou ,henan province of China, specializes in steel plates,steel coil, steel pipe,steel bars and steel sections, according to ASTM,ASME,JIS,NF,DIN,EN,API,BS,ISO standards.

Strong product resources and marketing capabilities enable us to take the leading place in domestic steel trade. Now we have shifted focus to the exportation of steel materials, and our aim is to become the largest and strongest steel  materials supplier in China’s international trade.  

With the high efficient supervision system and professional experience, we offer our efficient and considerate service to clients around the world. our products are sold across over 100 countries and areas in Middle east, Southeast Asia, Africa, South America, etc. We-have four large scale warehouses for abundant product supply:one is located in Shanghai and has a stock inventory of about 7, 000 tons; the warehouse in Qingdao has a stock inventory of about 6, 500 tons; and each warehouse in Tianjin and Zhengzhou has about 3, 000 tons of stock inventory.  

Our "one-stop" service allow customers to enjoy the same minimum cost of steel cutting, welding, drilling, plating, and the best quality of service time.

SEED STEEL cultural

Henan Seed Steel Metal Material Co.,Ltd is a corporation located in Henan province, we specialize in wholesale and retail of metal material,hardware&electrical material,machinery spareparts,flange and ring.We are forming the unique company culture and core values of our own.

Company Prospect:base on the special wide,special thick and spcial steel material resources,integrate and operate the downstream resources;base on domestic market and focus on the global market, build a moderate multicultural enterprise group.

Company Mission:base on the abundant steel plate resources,integrate and take advantage of the cutting and machining resources, refine the downstream industry chain,satisfy customer various demand.  

Business philosophy: be a good man first,and be a good friend,then do business with heart,be a good enterprise at last.

Company developing philosophy: company's development comes from the efforts of the staff,the staff's growth is under the company's cultivation.

Company image:sensible and polite,strict and Modesty.

Company HR standard: loyalty and filial piety, speciality and concentration.

Company mangement philosophy:standarded,ordered,strict,efficient.

Company Organizations

SDJS steel company organizations-largest steel stock supplier

Social Responsibility

We actively assume social responsibility, first of all,Ensure genuine products, even if not business, and never offer fake.

Second,comply with domestic and international laws and regulations system to ensure business healthy operations and trade cooperation.

Enterprises attach importance to the introduction of technology digestion and absorption, and research and development, increase investment funds and personnel, technology and innovation to improve product quality, which won the competitiveness of enterprises.

Meanwhile, in response to the national call to implement energy conservation, green and actively contribute to society. In addition, enthusiastic active participation in social charity to help people in need, providing social support.

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