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 Henan Supionner Metal Material Co.,Ltd is a corporation located in Henan province, we specialize in wholesale and retail of metal material,hardware&electrical material,machinery spareparts,flange and ring.We are forming the unique company culture and core values of our own.

Company Prospect:base on the special wide,special thick and spcial steel material resources,integrate and operate the downstream resources;base on domestic market and focus on the global market, build a moderate multicultural enterprise group.

Company Mission:base on the abundant steel plate resources,integrate and take advantage of the cutting and machining resources, refine the downstream industry chain,satisfy customer various demand.  

Business philosophy: be a good man first,and be a good friend,then do business with heart,be a good enterprise at last.

Company developing philosophy: company's development comes from the efforts of the staff,the staff's growth is under the company's cultivation.

Company image:sensible and polite,strict and Modesty.

Company HR standard: loyalty and filial piety, speciality and concentration.

Company mangement philosophy:standarded,ordered,strict,efficient.

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