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Hastelloy alloy steel

Time:2015-09-25 16:50:00

Hastelloy alloy steel, corrosion resistant, is including nickel molybdenum haas Troy (Hastelloy) B - 2, nickel chromium molybdenum haas Troy, Hastelloy C - 4, etc

Hastelloy alloy application:
Hastelloy alloy plate is suitable for various contains oxidation and reducing medium of the chemical industry. High molybdenum, chromium content in alloy can resistance to chlorine ion corrosion, tungsten elements to further improve the corrosion resistance. C- 276 hartz alloy tube is one of the several kinds of wet chlorine, hypochlorite and chlorine dioxide solution corrosion resistant material, one of the high concentration of chlorate solution such as ferric chloride and copper chloride corrosion resistance significantly.
Application field, heat exchanger, bellows compensator, chemical equipment, flue gas desulfurization denitration, papermaking industry and aerospace applications, acidic environment
Hastelloy alloy steel speciality:
(1) in the state of oxidation and reduction atmosphere, for the majority of corrosive medium has excellent corrosion resistance.
(2) has excellent resistance to pitting corrosion, crevice corrosion and stress corrosion cracking
Hastelloy alloy Grade:
Product ASTM UNS DIN PLATE Sheet Bar Wire Tube Pipe Flanges Fittings forgings
Hastelloy B UNS N10001        
Hastelloy B-2 UNS N10665 W.Nr.2.4617      
Hastelloy B-3 UNS N10675 2.4600      
Hastelloy C    
Hastelloy C-22 UNS N06022 W.Nr.2.4602
Hastelloy C-276 UNS N10276 W.Nr.2.4819
Hastelloy X          

Hastelloy alloy steel

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