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Steel plates for Boiler & Pressure Vessel steel

Time:2015-09-25 15:09:37
Steel plates for Boiler & Pressure Vessel steel is made bySDJS steel in China. Our range of high quality Boiler Steel Plate, Special Quality Steel Plate and Alloy Steel Plate are widely used in different industries. They are used primarily in the fabrication of boilers / pressure vessels in industries such as petrochemical and manufacturing of boilers. These plates are procured from the trusted manufacturers of the market and are extensively used in various sectors. Our Boiler Steel Plates, Special Quality Steel Plates and Alloy Steel Plates are available in various grades and thickness and are used in manufacturing process owing to their capacity to withstand the internal pressure in boilers and valves.
The Vessel Body can be theoretically be almost any shape,but shapes made of sections of spheres,cylinders and cones are usually employed.A common design is a cylinder with end caps called heads.
Vessel Head is the end caps on a cylindrically shaped pressure vessel,the material can be carbon steel,stainless steel etc. Head shapes are frequently either hemispherical or dished (torispherical).
Some pressure vessels are made of composite materials, such as filament wound composite using carbon fibre held in place with a polymer. Due to the very high tensile strength of carbon fibre these vessels can be very light, but are much more difficult to manufacture. The composite material may be wound around a metal liner, forming a composite overwrapped pressure vessel.
The main steel grades of Pressure vessel and boiler quality steel are :
A285GrA/SA285GrA P235GH P355NH


A285GrB/SA285GrB P265GH P355NL1 SPV315
A285GrC/SA285GrC P355GH P355NL2 SPV355
A299GrA/SA299GrA 16Mo3 P355M SPV410
A299GrB/SA299GrB A203GrA/SA203GrA P355ML1 SPV450
A302GrA/SA302GrA A203GrB/SA203GrB P355ML2 SPV490
A302GrB/SA302GrB A203GrD/SA203GrD P355Q  
A302GrC/SA302GrC A203GrE/SA203GrE P355QH  
A302GrD/SA302GrD A203GrF/SA203GrF P355QL1  
A515Gr60,A515Gr65 A387Gr2CL1 P355QL2  
A515Gr70,A516Gr55 A387Gr2CL2 P275NH  
A516Gr60,A516Gr65 A387Gr5CL1 P275NL1  
A516Gr70 A387Gr5CL2 P275NL2  
A517GrA A387Gr9CL1 P420M  
A517GrB A387Gr9CL2 P420ML1  
A517GrC A387Gr91CL1 P420ML2  
A517GrH A387Gr91CL2 P460NH  
A517GrF A387Gr11CL1 P460NL1  
A517GrE A387Gr11CL2 P460NL2  
A517GrQ A387Gr12CL1 P460M  
A533CL1 A387Gr12CL2 P460ML1  
A533CL2 A387Gr21CL1 P460ML2  
A533CL3 A387Gr21CL2 P460Q  
A537CL1 A387Gr22CL1 P460QH  
A537CL2 A387Gr22CL2 P460QL1  
A537CL3 P355N P460QL2,,,,  


Steel Plates for Boiler and Pressure Vessel Industries


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