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DIN 19Mn6 Gas Cylinder Steel

DIN 19Mn6 Gas Cylinder Steel

Grade: DIN 19Mn6
Type: Pipe/Tube, Plate,
Standard: EN 10120, JIS G3116, DIN 17155
Specification: Thickness 1.5mm-300mm ||||||Width 1000mm-3000mm ||||||Length 3000mm-18000mm
Application:DIN 19Mn6 is mainly in the fluid transport and storing industry.

 DIN 19Mn6 Introduction

DIN 19Mn6 Gas Cylinder Steel

Steels for applications such as gas cylinders and pressure vessels according to the standard DIN 17155 are manufactured to ensure an excellent product life span under optimum safety conditions. Good cold ductility and the excellent performance in use are achieved because these steels are made to be fi ne grained and non-ageing.
DIN 19Mn6 Usage
1) Gas cylinders (butane, propane).
2) Pressurised tanks and containers.
3) Welded pipes for transporting fluids and gasses.

DIN 19Mn6 Chemical Composition(%)

 Grade C max Si  max. Mn max P max S max Al total min  N max Nb max Ti max Cr max Mo max
19Mn6   0.20 0.50 0.70 0.025 0.015 0.020 0.009 0.05 0.03 -- --

DIN 19Mn6 Mechanical Properties 

  Grades Thickness (mm) Yield Strength (MPa) min Tensile Strength (MPa) min-max Elongation % Impact Energy (KV J)(min)
-20°C 0°C 20°C
19Mn6   t≤ 3 355 510--620 19 27 34 40
t>3 355 510--620 24 27 34 40

Stainless Steel Surface Finishes:

1. No 1 Finish : Used where Heat and corrsoion ressistance is required . Produced by annealing and resealing after hot rolling .

2. No 2D Finish : Dull Cold rolled finish . Used in deep drawn objects which are often polished after fabrication

3. NO 2 B Finish : Bright Cold Rolled Finish . Used in very deep drawn objects .

4. No 3 Finish : Polished finish obtained with abrasives

5. No 4 Finish : Used for kitchen ware , cooking utensils , restaurants and hotel kitchenware , cookware . Obtained with abrasives of 125 mesh and higher

6. NO 7 Finish : Architectural and Ornamental Finish

7. NO 8 Finish : Press plates , small mirrors and reflectors

8. Hairline finish : Ornamental plates , decorative items , name plates , elevators , doors in buildings

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