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A516 Gr60 steel plate

A516 Gr60 steel plate

Grade: A516 grade 60
Type: pressure vessel plate
Standard: ASTM A516
Specification: Thickness: 4mm- 400mm; ||||||Width: 1000mm- 4000mm; ||||||Length: 4000mm- 12000mm.
Application:A516 Gr60 steel plate is made in different pressure steel product,steel plate,sheet,pipe or other shaps.

 A516 Gr60 steel plate introduction:

A516 Gr60 steel plate is used in fabricators serving industry, especially in the oil, gas and chemical supply markets.Generally when rolling A516 Gr60 steel plate,the heat treatment shall be Normalized,if the end user demands.A516 Gr60 steel plate is a kind of Ni alloy steel products.A516 Gr60 steel plate this property is based on its Ni composition. 
A516 Gr60 steel plate Application:
A516 Gr60 steel plate is made in different pressure steel product,steel plate,sheet,pipe or other shaps.Main application of A516 Gr60 steel plate is used to build boilers and pressure vessels such as petroleum, chemical industry, power plants.
A516 Gr60 steel plate Production Size:
Thickness: 4mm- 400mm; 
Width: 1000mm- 4000mm; 
Length: 4000mm- 12000mm.
More information - comparable specifications
Although it is not uncommon to see this on steel company web sites, any suggestion that one steel specification and grade is an equivalent to another should be treated with caution especially because of differences in the methodology and techniques used for testing. However ASTM A516 Gr. 60 and ASME SA516 Gr. 60 are broadly similar to the following steel specifications:
EN 10028:3 P355   BS 1501 224 490

A516 Gr60 steel plate Chemical Composition( %):

Grade/ Material Element Composition( Max-A, Min-I)
A516 Gr60 steel plate C 0.21
Mn 0.60-0.90
Si 0.15-0.40
P 0.035
S 0.035

A516 Gr60 steel plate Mechanical Properties( Mpa)

Grade/ Material Tensile Test Ksi/MPa
A516 Gr60 steel plate Tensile Strength 60-80/415-550
Yield Strength 32/220
Elongation 21%
Impact Test( if any)  

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