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12Cr1MoV Alloy Structural Steel

12Cr1MoV Alloy Structural Steel

Grade: 12Cr1MoV Alloy Structural Steel
Type: steel plate, alloy structural steel, steel bar
Standard: GB/T 3077
Specification: Thickness: 8mm--250mm||||||Width: 1500mm--4050mm ||||||Length: 3000mm to 15000mm
Application:12Cr1MoV steel is used for manufacturing plate, intensity of general building and all kinds of engineering machinery

12Cr1MoV Steel Introduction 

12Cr1MoV,12Cr1MoV Steel, Alloy Structural Steel

12Cr1MoV steel is a kind of alloy structural steel.It has good high temperature strength/toughness and anti high temperature fatigue properties, can withstand sudden changes in temperature, suitable for a long-term work at high temperatures, has good cutting and polishing performance.
12Cr1MoV Steel Delivery state
12Cr1MoV Steel Material should be delivered at hot-rolled or hot wrought conditions. Once the demander requires(and stipulates in the contract),hot processing condition(annealing, normalizing or high-temperature backfire) can also be adopted.
12Cr1MoV Steel Application
12Cr1MoV steel is used for manufacturing plate, intensity of general building and all kinds of engineering machinery, such as mining and all kinds of engineering construction, excavator, the rig with electric wheel, mine car, its excavator, loaders, bulldozer, all kinds of crane, coal hydraulic support and other machinery and other structures.

12Cr1MoV Steel Chemical Composition Analysis  

12Cr1MoV Chemical Composition
Grade The Element Max (%)
C Si Mn Cr Mo
12Cr1MoV 0.08-0.15 0.17-0.37 0.40-0.70 0.90-1.20 0.25-0.35

12Cr1MoV Steel Mechanical Properties

Tensile Strength(σb/MPa)
Yield point(σs/MPa) Elongation(δ5/%) Reduction of Area(ψ/%) Impact Absorbing Energy(Aku2/J) Brinell Hardness(HBS100/3000)
Annealing or High Tempering
≥490 ≥245 ≥22 ≥50 ≥71 ≤179

12Cr1MoV Steel Mechanical Properties   12Cr1MoV Steel Packing 12Cr1MoV Steel Packing is normally wrapped by plastic film and waterproof paper, and then fastened on wooden pallet or as you request.

Stainless Steel Surface Finishes:

1. No 1 Finish : Used where Heat and corrsoion ressistance is required . Produced by annealing and resealing after hot rolling .

2. No 2D Finish : Dull Cold rolled finish . Used in deep drawn objects which are often polished after fabrication

3. NO 2 B Finish : Bright Cold Rolled Finish . Used in very deep drawn objects .

4. No 3 Finish : Polished finish obtained with abrasives

5. No 4 Finish : Used for kitchen ware , cooking utensils , restaurants and hotel kitchenware , cookware . Obtained with abrasives of 125 mesh and higher

6. NO 7 Finish : Architectural and Ornamental Finish

7. NO 8 Finish : Press plates , small mirrors and reflectors

8. Hairline finish : Ornamental plates , decorative items , name plates , elevators , doors in buildings

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