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Effect of iron ores on the basis of characteristic properties of sinter

Time:2016-11-01 14:05:44

In recent years, due to the lack of domestic iron ore and foreign imports of large quantities of iron ore, sintering raw material structure has undergone tremendous changes. Iron and steel enterprises, the existence of complex types, sources of instability, lack of basic characteristics of sintering and other issues, sintering quality is difficult to guarantee. Therefore, sintering characteristics as a measure of iron ore sintering properties of an indicator has been widely used. Practice shows that the basic characteristics of sintering of iron ore powder due to the different types of slag and there are significant differences, through its research can be rational use of ore resources and optimize the allocation of ore to provide a theoretical basis for this, sintering workers at home and abroad on iron ore Powder sintering basic properties of a large number of studies.

Hebei Union University scholars through the micro-sintering and sintering cup test study of eight kinds of iron ore powder sintering characteristics of the sintering performance. The results show that the T value of the sintered ore increases with the strength of the binder phase and the strength of the continuous grain, and the low temperature pulverization index (RDI> 3.15mm) increases with the increase of the iron ore powder (RI) is mainly related to iron ore powder type and sintering process parameters. The RI of magnetite powder sinter increases with the increase of the liquid phase fluidity and the formation of calcium ferrite, and has no obvious relation with other sintering basic properties.
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