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Steel Balance and Slag Composition Optimization of LF Refining Slag in SPCC Steel

Time:2016-10-28 15:37:03

SPCC is a kind of low-carbon and low-silica killed steel. The total oxygen content of TOF is less than 0.0040% and the content of sulfur is less than 0.008% and the mass fraction of silicon is less than 0.03%. Because of the powerful database integration function and relatively reliable calculation results of thermodynamic software, thermodynamic software has been used in recent years to calculate slag-steel-inclusions balance. Steel-slag balance or steel-inclusion balance is widely used and recognized. The LF refining slag of SPCC steel is Al2O3 slag with high basicity and high content of MgO. The MgO content in refining slag is more suitable, and few reports are reported in the refinery slag, and most of the factories operate by experience. At the same time, LF refining of SPCC steel requires low oxygen, low sulfur and low silicon control. At the same time, there are few literatures considering the control of O, S and Si.

Beijing University of Science and Technology scholars use of thermodynamic calculation software FactSage to determine the refining slag MgO content of a reasonable range of 4% to 8%, to 6% the best. The balance of slag and steel in solid-liquid two-phase zone of SiO2-CaO-Al2O3-6% MgO quasi-ternary liquid-phase zone and CaO-saturated zone at 1873K was analyzed by combining industrial sampling with FactSage. The results show that the high basicity w (CaO) / w (Al2O3) (C / A) refining slag is favorable to the control of low oxygen and low sulfur and low silicon of molten steel, but not the more "white". High CaO is detrimental to deoxygenation and silicon content control. The range of mass fraction of SPCC refining slag was obtained from 50% ~ 55% of CaO, 30% ~ 36% of Al2O3, 1% ~ 6% of SiO2 and 4% ~ 8% of MgO in the steel slag balance analysis (CaO) / w (Al2O3) is 1.5 ~ 1.8. The results of laboratory slag-steel balance test and industrial production test show that the optimized slag system is better than the original slag The refining effect is more superior, can simultaneously reduce the total oxygen in the steel, sulfur and silicon content, but also can effectively control the composition of steel inclusions.
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