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Successful Trial Production of J55 (37Mn5) Tubular Round Billet for Petroleum Pipes

Time:2016-10-28 14:42:03

 J55 (37Mn5) Continuous Casting Round Tube Billet As a key new product development project in Shaanxi Province, the steel company of Shaanxi Steel and Steel Company attached great importance to it. After careful preparation, on August 26, J55 (37Mn5) , The trial production a total of 14 furnaces 688, a total of 1488.832 tons, the round billet low magnification test, the internal quality of the product better to meet customer requirements, followed by round billet surface quality inspection and finishing work as soon as possible The product is delivered to the customer for rolling. In the round billet production process, Shaanxi Iron and Steel Group chief engineer Wei Wuqiang and company leaders Yang Zhao Peng, Shi Zixin in person at the production site for technical guidance.

To ensure the successful development of this one-time product, the company produced the command and control center has organized the relevant departments (units) held a number of thematic sessions, the preparation of raw materials, continuous casting machine equipment, alloy material procurement, logistics, testing and other related Matters to do a detailed arrangements for the deployment, and to develop a specific time node, clear the relevant requirements.
Continuous casting round billet is the company's product transformation and upgrading of a major product, the successful development of this product not only marks the company in the "product structure adjustment, response to market diversification" has taken a big step, but also marks the company's production technology Level to further improve.
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