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Development Status and Development Direction of Weathering Steel

Time:2016-10-19 17:43:07

Development Status and Development Direction of Weathering Steel

Japan has built many non-coated weathering steel bridges. The cost of painting the steel bridge is compared with that of the uncoated steel bridge. The cost of repainting the steel bridge is equivalent to the initial bridge construction cost, while the steel bridge without painting costs only the bridge cost 3% to 25%. By 2006, Japan's weathering steel (welded structure with weather-resistant hot-rolled steel SMA) bridges accounted for 30% of the total number of bridges. In fact, non-coated weather-resistant steel bridges are not a panacea for corrosion resistance. Japan to the construction of the Institute of Civil Engineering mainly in 1981 from 41 locations in the country for a period of 10 years of steel exposure corrosion experiments on the atmosphere of salt, SO2 and exposure direction of the impact of corrosion were studied, and in the Published in 1993, weather-resistant steel without coating conditions: the daily unit area of ​​the salt content of less than 0.05mg / d.m2.
Japan is facing the sea, the need for more than the above-mentioned indicators of salt and the spread of antifreeze area of ​​?? the construction of non-coated steel bridge, to develop several new salt-tolerant high weathering steel. These new steel products are Cr content, Ni content control in 1% to 3%, and the addition of Mo steel. At present, the corrosion data in various environments has not been analyzed. In this case, the method of estimating the long-term corrosion data using the data of the rapid corrosion test and the composition of the steel and the corrosive environment data is studied. In this case,
The weather data Z, with a year of corrosion data obtained A, analysis and finishing the relationship between Z and A, and then B as a function of A, that B and A relationship. If weather data are available, the time-dependent change in the amount of corrosion of the weathering steel and the total amount of corrosion can be determined from this relation. Whether these formulas can accurately calculate the amount of corrosion need to be verified by the accumulation of experimental data. However, the method of estimating the long-term corrosion amount from existing information and short-term experimental data can be used in the design of steel- Weathering steel or Ni-containing high weather-resistant steel.
(2) safety, durability and maintainability
Corrosion evaluation of atmospheric environment, commonly used is the long-term exposure test method to determine the amount of corrosion, but to get results take a long time. ACM (Atmospheric Corrosion Monitoring) sensor, which produces short-circuit current to measure dissimilar metal corrosion, has been used for a long time. Japan's Tsujikawa et al. Modified the sensor to be widely used as an environmental corrosion monitoring method. As the corrosion current and the sea salt in the steel surface adhesion, ambient temperature, humidity, ACM sensor can not only detect the degree of infiltration of steel surface, but also can get the relationship between corrosion current and corrosion rate. Ochawa et al. Based on exposure test results and ACM sensor measured the corrosion current value and the corrosion rate of the relationship between the integral. At present, Japan is still the accumulation of corrosion monitoring results. In addition, the use of AC impedance method for atmospheric corrosion monitoring, which is independent of the determination of infiltration and corrosion rate of the test method.
Corrosion of atmospheric corrosion and corrosion rate of continuous monitoring, not only can get the bridge and other steel structure maintenance, repair and management information, but also for the design and construction of social capital to provide the basic information. Through the accumulation and dissemination of national atmospheric corrosion monitoring data, it is possible to establish a basic database of social capital design, maintenance, and management based on steel structure so as to ensure the safety of social capital facilities and reduce maintenance and repair costs.
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