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Anshan Iron and Steel high - strength weathering steel to help upgrade the tanker

Time:2016-10-19 17:33:44

Recently, some users feedback development and production of Anshan Iron and Steel 2-meter-wide Q450NQR1 80 tons of steel plate flat, forming good, to meet the tanker upgrade needs. The successful development of this limit product further enriched the product structure of Ansteel weathering steel and become the new benefit growth point.

High strength weathering steel with high strength, low temperature impact performance, resistance to atmospheric corrosion, etc., mainly used for railways, bridges, towers and other long-term exposure to atmospheric use of steel structure. In recent years, railroad truck steel has been widely used high-strength weathering steel instead of ordinary weathering steel. In order to meet the demand of light weight and heavy load, the Railway Corporation plans to upgrade the tanker from 70 tons to 80 tons and manufacture steel products to Q450NQR1 with higher strength and better corrosion resistance.
Not long ago, a domestic locomotive factory in Anshan Iron and Steel want to purchase 960 tons 2 m wide Q450NQR1 80 tons of tanker steel loading test. Anshan Iron and Steel had never produced a width of 2 meters, the yield strength of 450MPa level of products. Anshan Iron and Steel AG, and decided to hot-rolled strip steel plant in 2150 production line development of the limit specifications. Through the optimization of the heating process, rolling process parameters and rolling model, the trial production was successfully carried out. The product performance, dimensional accuracy, surface quality and plate shape quality were all met the requirements of users' standards. In mass production, Anshan Iron and Steel Company monitoring the entire production process, all products successfully completed rolling and delivery on schedule.
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