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Preparation Method of Duplex Composite Titanium Steel Plate

Time:2016-10-19 16:55:11

 Nanjing Iron and Steel shares the development of a double clad titanium steel composite plate preparation methods, specifically including the following steps:

(1) the use of defect-free double cladding explosive composite billet, the upper and lower are titanium plate, the middle layer of steel;
(2) treating the surface of the selected composite blank;
(3) the surface of the composite blank after the clean-up step-by-step heating furnace, focusing on the furnace burner flame length control;
(4) sending the soaked composite billet to the rolling mill to descale and carrying out multi-pass rolling;
(5) after the completion of rolling composite air-cooled, and straightening treatment. The invention prevents the flame from contacting the titanium plate and burning it too long by controlling the flame length of the furnace burner to prevent the formation of the intermetallic compound at the interface between the titanium and the steel and to control the shape of the plate in the subsequent rolling process, Greatly reducing the degree of thinning of the titanium layer. The double clad titanium steel clad plate made by the rolling method has the advantages of good plate shape, uniform size and excellent performance.
The preparation method comprises the following steps: (1) preparing the raw material: the double cladding titanium steel composite blank is selected, and the upper and lower clad layers of the selected billet are titanium plates, and the middle The steel plate is combined with one of the titanium plates by explosion to form a single clad titanium steel composite billet, and the single clad titanium steel composite billet is recombined with another titanium plate by secondary explosion to form a double clad titanium Steel composite billet; II, surface treatment: the selected composite billet surface treatment to remove the composite surface of the upper and lower surface of impurities and blanks around the burr; Ⅲ, heat treatment: the finished composite billet from the rear steel, home Heating zone, heating section, soaking section, preheating section temperature ≤ 550 ℃, preheating time ≥ 50min; heating section temperature is 750 ~ 950 ℃, heating speed ≤300 And the soaking time is 60-150min. IV. Descaling rolling: The soaked composite billet is sent to the rolling mill to be descaled and rolled in 5 to 13 passes, Control rolling reduction rate of the first pass> 20%, the last pass rate <10%, the total reduction rate of 60% to 90%, after rolling the composite plate for air cooling; Ⅴ, straightening: After finishing the air cooling, the composite board is placed in the straightening machine, the straightening passes are determined according to the thickness of the composite board, and the parameters of the side roller of the straightening machine are set, Straight straight through the straightening machine; the straightening temperature is more than 600 DEG C and the straightening pass is at least one way.
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