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Multiphase Pipeline tissue strain aging sensitivity

Time:2016-10-17 14:30:03

 X80 grade pipeline steel is widely used in the second-line project of west-east gas transmission in China. The strength and toughness indexes meet the design requirements, and the strengthening and toughening mechanism has been studied in depth. In order to meet the safety requirements of pipeline steel in complex geological environment, the concept of strain-based design has been put forward in recent years, and has been applied to the actual pipeline project. The concept of strain-based design requires the steel tube to resist buckling deformation caused by longitudinal deformation, which requires that the stress-strain curve of the steel pipe in the longitudinal direction can maintain the "dome-like" yield characteristics, the steel pipe has a lower yield ratio and a high Uniform elongation.

Scholars from Beijing University of Science and Technology (Beijing University of Science and Technology) studied the effect of transverse pre-strain on the transverse and longitudinal tensile strain behavior of multi-phase microstructural pipeline steel by transverse prestressing simulation of pipeline steel in transverse direction during pipe making. It is found that the work hardening of the X80 pipeline steel after the transverse prestressing shows obvious directionality, the work hardening is parallel to the pre-strain direction, but the yield ratio can still keep below 0.95 under the pre-strain condition of less than 2% . Tensile strain characteristics, which can maintain continuous yield after prestrain in the direction perpendicular to the pre-strain, have a lower yield ratio (less than 0.75) and a high uniform elongation. In addition, the effect of anti-corrosion thermal coating on the tensile strain behavior of pipeline steel was studied by aging the pre-strained steel plate. The results show that the multiphase pipeline steel has good anti-aging stability.
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