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Wuxi stainless steel market guidance

Time:2016-09-05 11:20:38

 On Saturday, TISCO 304 CRC guide prices go 100 yuan / ton to 13,080 yuan / ton, some traders will pull 304 cold-rolled prices and guidance to the same price, TISCO resources currently quoted in the mainstream 13,050 yuan / ton, Zhang Pu quoted at 13,150 yuan / ton; Hong Wang, Kim Yong trimming price offer 12,800 yuan / ton, Tak reported 12,800 yuan / ton; Jiuquan Steel cold rolled four feet 304 reported 12,900 yuan / ton to 13,300 yuan reported Michi / ton, traders shipped pressure end of August, part of the business for the shipping price is low, less than a lot of steel and guided into September, selling pressure has slowed down, put each cold-rolled steel prices adjusted plant close to the level guidance. Hot-rolled aspect, East special shutdown period, the difference between the arrival of the market, but the recent poor trading conditions, the large number of arrival Zhouguang Qing hot-rolled, hot sales, currently the most widely quoted 12,300 yuan Green / ton, Chengde, East special offer mainstream flash 12,300 yuan / ton, the East is still special to the recent market shipments, but the amount has decreased. Cold-rolled 316L, TISCO offer 17,500 yuan / ton, Zhang Pu reported in 17,600 yuan / ton, Zhang Pu and other steel 316L cold rolled discharge volume control, resources are not too abundant, but the transaction is not optimistic.

200 line, the Wuxi market Lianzhong currently offer 7850 yuan / ton, steel mills Lianzhong yesterday will increase policy adjustment, Baosteel reported to 7650 yuan / ton, Hong Wang reported to 7700 yuan / ton, Hong Wang Resources rose 50-100 yuan / ton , poor market transactions, abundant market resources, various goods go mainly; 201 hot rolling, the market Chengde, Baosteel mainstream newspaper 7250 yuan / ton, the price of hot rolled 201 Goodwill reported to 7250 yuan / ton, except Jinhui scarcity of resources, adequate hot-rolled other resources, but poor turnover.
On Saturday TISCO 430 cold rolling guide prices go 50 yuan / ton, reported 7,200 yuan / ton, then rose with the market traders, the current market in Wuxi TISCO 430 cold rolled mainstream price 7200 yuan / ton, some thin material specifications due to resource adequacy auction the price is low, but the mainstream transaction price is consistent with the guidance of steel price.
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