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Zombie Enterprises Disposal Solution is hopefully to be Issued

Time:2016-07-22 17:29:01
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 Recently, the SASAC, NDRC densely deployed the “capacity reducing” schema, and clarified the timetable and missions. It is reported that the NDRC and MIIT jointly developed an “zombie enterprises disposal solution” which is expected to be issued, the SASAC has also developed a zombie enterprises disposal program for all of the central enterprises. Insiders pointed out that the capacity reducing plan in the third quarter may be substantially full filled, and along with the supply-side reform being accelerated, the coal, iron and steel markets may rebound, industry restructuring also will accelerate.
The latest news from the Bureau of Statistics of the country's No.1 province in steel production, Hebei Province, in the first half of this year, the proportion that the province's equipment manufacturing industry accounted for among all above-scale industrial firms rose to 25.3%, for the first time exceeded the steel industry by 0.1%. This marks the steel brother for more than 10 years "surrendered the top spot ", it is a breakthrough in the industrial restructuring.

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