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After-sale Service Part

The last five years, SDJS steel export more than 30 countries around the world, rich export trade manager, SDJS steel can provide you with better products and services. So that you use our products, but without any worries. Our company has its own research team, a total of 36 engineers, of which 11 have more than 20 years experience in steel. Our 24-hour online service, have any questions, you can contact us directly.

Technology, SDJS steel provide technical support for you, whether it is to analyze the chemical composition and mechanical properties, or cutting steel and other application problems, can you come up with better solutions.

Tracking, from the production of goods to be shipped, SDJS steel will update the first time, make your product, delivery and shipments fingertips.

Market, while China's steel market fluctuations, SDJS steel will provide you with the latest stock market information and dynamic updates.

Case, when SDJS steel shipped to foreign markets, SDJS steel will tell you about our schedules, time, to facilitate a super send your goods, thus saving costs.

More other services please contact our online customer service 24 hours online for your services.

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